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Being ‘Bad’ Atheists

Comprehending the distinctions between "bad" anti-theist atheists, and "good" apologist atheists.

LoneLiberalPK · Jan 29

No 100% Guarantee, Thanks

I don’t pray – I don’t need to. I don’t believe in a pre-defined fate – there is no point to.

anti.faithist · Jan 24
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Let it go!

How does one find hope in a world being torn apart by extremists? Have we not had enough bloodshed to re-evaluate ourselves and our societies?

kalm.zaeem · Jan 13
Kashgari 0

Twitter and Tolerance: What we learn from the case of Hamza Kashgari

The rabid response following the Saudi journalist's tweeted "blasphemies" show us that there is a long way to go..

mellow.atheist · Sep 18

God As a Metaphor

There are many authors who use god as a metaphor. Metaphors make us think and question. They can also dazzle. Here is the work of one such author.

beelzebub · Sep 17